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How Coloring Pages Can Open The Doors Of Communication With Children


Apr 10, 2023

The time to open the door of communication with your child is when they are young. Your 2-year-old or 3-year-old may not be able to hold a conversation for an hour or say everything that comes to mind or everything that is bothering your child. With some creative play, you’ll find that they have their own way of communicating with you.

When children are allowed to fill in coloring sheets, they will often show part of their personality by preferring some colors over others or by coloring them in a certain way. For example, one little girl can paint her princess coloring page briefly and carefully so she can be sure she doesn’t go out of line, while another little girl with the same princess coloring pages scribbles quickly in a hurry to finish first. do.

Both of these color styles are ways for children to communicate valuable information to their parents. You can learn that the first little girl is careful and clean about everything she does and recognize a competitive spark in her second little girl.

If you’re paying attention, there will be plenty of unspoken conversations just coloring with your little one!

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